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I am a professional marketing specialist with +10 years of working experience in different international start-ups, implementing strategies and optimising multiple performance marketing channels to help companies achieve their revenue goals.

I am also a self-taught frontend developer with a passion for technology and solving real-world problems through code. I enjoy creating and translating Tech content to help other codenewbies improve their skills.

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Here are some of my recent projects. Want to see more?

Picture of my dictionary app project

React Dictionary app

Picture of my React weather app project

React Weather app

Picture of Movie Quotes generator

Movie Quotes generator with Rest API

Picture of my weather app project

JS Weather app

Picture of technical documentation site

CSS Technical documentation

Picture of Tip Calculator project

Tip Calculator

Picture of a running tracker app

Running tracker app

Picture of a Number Match game

Number Match game

Picture of Guess the Number game

Guess the number

Picture of the Magic Ball project

The Magic Ball

Color Flipper project

Color Flipper

Picture of card component challenges

Responsive components

Next project coming soon

Next project coming soon!

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