Is coding for me?

My answer is: why not?

Some other questions that might be worrying you are: Do I need to be a math genius?, am I good at solving problems?, how do I decide if this is the right thing for me? These questions have also been in my head and, believe me, you are not alone. Every software engineer has gone through this at some point.

You might have also heard that coding is not easy but like everything in life, you need to try it, learn about it and dedicate some practice time to know if you like it and you could imagine coding as your future career instead of asking yourself if you can actually do it.

I used to think of coding as two parallel worlds like in a Matrix movie. Yes, imagination has no limits and with a stereotypes combination can become funny and misleading at the same time. One of these stereotypes was that coding is a purely male career, something that has been changing in the last years as more and more women are moving into tech roles. Another personal thought was that software engineers are super smart people that spend most of their working and free time in front of their computers and look like:

Meme of a software engineer

Now I can say: how mistaken I was and how happy I am now after opening my eyes and demystifying my previous thoughts (specially, the fact that I couldn´t do it). But how all this happen? I have to say that suddenly one day and by coincidence, I had the luck and opportunity to assist a front-end workshop where I learnt how to build my very first landing page and I realised how fun it was as it is a mix of creativity, logical thinking and problem-solving. I learnt very basic concepts but after the workshop, I felt proud of myself when I saw what I had just built, even with very little coding knowledge.

This awoke my curiosity and I started to do some more research about how and where to start learning. Most of the programming courses, workshops and bootcamps that I came across with, promised how cool and fun coding is, specially because the career benefits sound like a dream.

Coding career advantages
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Nevertheless, another important thing that each of us should considered along the journey is passion. Coding will become part of your life, your professional life! and therefore, it is key to have fun, feel curious and have hunger to learn with everyday step you move forward.

So once again, can I code? Of course, you can! Is coding for me? Try it and once you are convinced that you like it, the only thing you need is to keep developing your skills. Your passion & motivation will take you to the next level.